How I Started Vegetarian Bodybuilding

Hello everyone, my name is Travis, and I am a bodybuilding vegetarian. What is a vegetarian bodybuilder? Well, it’s the cleanest form of bodybuilding there is on the planet!

Approximately two years ago, I decided to change my life around drastically. I didn’t like what I was becoming; I was eating fast food for every meal, sitting around on the couch all day watching T.V., and working at a dead-end job that I hated. I decided it was time for a change in my diet and lifestyle to become healthy again and give my body that energy it craves. So I made the change, started working out every day, eating healthier, and eventually got into bodybuilding. I started working out 4-5 times a week, running every day, and eating 5-6 healthy meals every day. Bodybuilding is the most rewarding thing anybody can ever do for their bodies. You literally can see and feel yourself get healthier, whether you are slabbing on muscle, or just tightening everything up. Within a mere weeks of getting into it, bodybuilding had been completely incorporated in my life, almost everything I did revolved around staying healthy and active! About six months into my new lifestyle, due to health reasons and personal views, I decided I wanted to become a vegetarian.

I reached a predicament at this point.. Should I stick with my new views, go vegetarian, and risk losing all this lean muscle I had gained? Or should I toss my beliefs out the window and stick with what I know works? Also, I had heard going vegetarian can actually make you unhealthy and that our body needs meat to pack on muscle.. Well, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t give up. I keep fighting until I find a solution. So I said to myself, ‘How can I go vegetarian AND keep my bodybuilding lifestyle? Is there such a thing as… a vegetarian bodybuilder?’ So I did some research, and discovered YES, you can be a vegetarian and be a bodybuilder. In fact, people were already doing it, I wasn’t the first one! So I figured I would just look up a Vegetarian Bodybuilding Diet and replace my current meat-filled bodybuilding diet and I’d be golden. Upon further research, I discovered that being a vegetarian bodybuilder isn’t as easy as I thought it was! There is virtually no information out there on how to build muscle as a vegetarian. So, with the go-getter-attitude that I have, I spent months and months of research on how to become a bodybuilding vegetarian.

And now, armed with my knowledge and experience in bodybuilding, and the success I have had with being vegetarian and a bodybuilder, I have decided to educate you on how to stay active and healthy and still get the right nutrients your body needs, while keeping the lifestyle choice that you prefer.

Remember, This is The Vegetarian Way.. To build lean muscle mass, stay healthy/active, and promote a better sense of well-being!!

We don’t need to eat meat and meat products to be a bodybuilder. We can do vegan bodybuilding or vegetarian bodybuilding, there are some of us out there doing it right now! This page is primarily geared towards vegetarian right now, however it is very easy to incorporate vegan bodybuilding into this page, and we will be doing that ourselves at a later date!

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Who else has experience being a vegetarian bodybuilder, let us know and comment below!


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2 responses to “How I Started Vegetarian Bodybuilding”

  1. Kevin P says :

    Just found your site, keep up the good information! I’ve been bodybuilding for about 5 years now, eating animal products as standard diet. Have been considering switching to vegetarian or very close to it. This site is a good starting point, thanks!

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